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Coaching benfits for men...

This is for men who are less than perfect and would like to improve their lives. No, I didn't say men that suck. You may have a good idea of what you want, you're even pretty well clued in on how to get there. You just don't seem to follow through enough on a constant basis to achieve the results you would like.  And one more thing...SEX! For me, well I have to say, I've always been very passionate in the bedroom. But, really, I always felt there was more, Or there should be more...or were other people just lying...Well, ok, lets just say it like this- I'm not going to say that I could be breaking and 'man of the sack' world record or anything but I will say, SEX is now a lot more on par with what I thought it should be!


What to expect?

Honestly, I didn't know what to expect. I was hesitant, but man, this is life changing. I started looking forward to each week and excited for what I was going to learn and how much I was enjoying the transformation!  Who knew! Best experience.


Holiday Special!

With the holiday season fast approaching, we know eating and drinking too much is bound to happen! Get ahead of the game by doing a 21 day detox! This detox will increase your energy, clear your skin, help you sleep better, increase your immunity, and help you drop a couple of pounds before you overindulge. This detox can also be modified and used after an indulgent weekend or holiday to get you back on track! Let’s get through this holiday season feeling and looking your best! 

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Big News! Now offering a new monthly package!

Want to jump start into a better self? I now offer monthly packages at an affordable price. Perfect for every budget. Private one on one sessions with the option to renew at the end of the month! Perfect for the person just warming up to life coaching and wants to try it on for size without the long commitment. 

Life on Fire Monthly Package


Are sessions confidential?  Yes. All client/coach topics and communication are strictly confidential. I believe strongly in the value of trust, and I ensure and maintain a space of openness and honesty. 

Is this a fad diet?  No! Life and/or Health coaching is not about diets or fads. It is about changing old habits that have stopped you or slowed you down from reaching your goals. I work with finding out which foods work for your body and help you live in an optimal state to help you reach your goals.

What happens during a session?  First, sessions can be in person (if local), over the phone, or video conference. That depends on the client preference. After that, each session is unique for each client, tailored for their specific goals, struggles, and present state. It is not a a cookie cutter program designed to be the same for everyone. I take time to listen to your personal story, setbacks and desires, and together we create a path that will get you to where you want to be. Each session is between 45-60 minutes. We discuss what’s be going well, any setbacks that have arisen and how to deal with them, and we spend time learning new techniques and uncovering old beliefs that you didn’t know were there, and update them to reflect the future you that you want to be!